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BorgWarner targets more-sustainable e-motors

All components of an electric propulsion system - the motor, battery pack and inverter, in particular - are interrelated and optimized for a system function. Still, there are significant trade-offs in costs and what's best for sustainability when developing today's e-drive systems, according to Dave Dulton, director of rotating electric machines, PowerDrive Systems at BorgWarner Inc.

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Smart Engineering for Sustainability

Sustainability extends beyond just decarbonization. A term popping up more and more in executive and engineering-focused presentations is “circular economy,” referring to a closed-loop production cycle that seeks to minimize resource inputs and reduce or eliminate waste and emissions.

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Conference Report: SAE COMVEC 2023

COMVEC is a leading forum for the commercial vehicle industry that facilitates the exchange of information on research and technology among experts in the on-highway, off-highway and defense sectors.

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Deere’s Ingredients for Innovation

At John Deere’s inaugural Tech Summit this past spring in Austin, Texas – the location of one of the company’s micro-technology hubs and a recently purchased farm on which to conduct R&D activities [...]

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